The castle is closed till 13th May 2017

(Restaurant Schloss Oberhofen is open till 23rd December 2017. For bookings Tel. 033 243 53 63)

Oberhofen Castle on Lake Thoune

The romantic castle complex and its keep dated around 1200 looks back onto a history of changing owners several times. The Neuchâtel-Prussian family of counts called de Pourtalès bought the castle in 1884 and altered the complex into a summer residence, giving the castle the look it has today.

Since 1954 the museum has been established inside the castle showing the history of its past inhabitants.

The Oriental Smoking Room at the top of the tower offers a unique experience and spectacular view over the lake and mountains.

The castle chapel features impressive murals dated from the 15th century.

The park, landscaped in English style, offers a breathtaking view of the Bernese Alps. It is one of the most beautiful gardens of the alpine region due to the mild climate.

Oriental Smoking Room Pourtalès appartment


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